Esko Nikkilä lecture

Professor Esko Nikkilä (1926-86) was one of the pioneers of Finnish and international lipid and diabetes research, and his life's work continues to have a major impact on the Finnish scientific community. The Esko Nikkilä Fund was established for an invitation-only lecture just three weeks before his accidental death.

The Esko Nikkilä Lecturer will be selected by a committee of five members, two representing the Finnish Medical Association Duodecim, two from the Medical Faculty of the University of Helsinki and one from the Finnish Society of Internal Medicine. The Esko Nikkilä Lecture will be held in conjunction with the Annual meeting of the Finnish Society of Internal Medicine.


2024 Prof. Tiinamaija Tuomi

2022 Prof. Timo Strandberg

2020 Prof. Markku Laakso

2018 Prof. Kimmo Kontula

2016 Prof. Hannele Yki-Järvinen

2014 Prof. Peter Arner

2012 Prof. Arne Astrup

2010 Prof. Petri Kovanen

2008 Prof. Leif Groop

2006 Prof. Marja-Riitta Taskinen

2004 Prof. Erling Falk

2002 Prof. Philip Barter

2000 Prof. Claude Bouchard

1997 Prof. Jorn Nerup

1996 Prof. Albert de la Chapelle

1994 Prof. Charles Lieber

1992 Prof. Salvador Moncada

1990 Prof. Herbert Rose

1988 Prof. Edwin Bierman