Pro Medicina Interna

The board of the Finnish Society of Internal Medicine awards a recognition prize for outstanding work in the field of internal medicine. The Pro Medicina Interna award was first awarded in 1998 and is presented every two years.

The recipient may be a practising physician and/or an academically distinguished person. The award may also be based on work in an organisational capacity of benefit to the specialised field of internal medicine. The recipient must be a member of the Society and a specialist in internal medicine.

The nomination for the award can be made by any member of the association and a minimum of two nominators is required. The recipient of the award will be selected by the Society's board on the basis of the nominations. The prize amount is 2000 €.


2023 Tuula Pekkarinen

2021 Jorma Lahtela

2019 Ritva Kauppinen-Mäkelin

2017 Ilkka Kantola

2015 Pekka Hannonen

2013 Sinikka Forsberg

2011 Matti Välimäki

2009 Raimo Kettunen

2007 Pertti Mustajoki

2006 Tapani Rönnemaa

2004 Dag Nyman

2002 Timo Sane

2000 Hannu Turtola

1998 Kimmo Luomanmäki